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Burton Danet
Nov 18, 2009

999: Local ABC4All Model


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Click here to start your own branch website.  See  video (made for 350.org) to learn how to build an ABC4All network of websites.

Thank you for building a new ABC4All worldwide branch website.

The Internet has proven to be a powerful and unifying force in advocacy and action. This has been especially true for the worldwide ABC4All Celebration of Oneness Movement. It is unprecedented. 

A NEW MODEL FOR Local ABC4All ANY TIME, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! THE SEEDS OF Local ABC4All Efforts have been sewn. Let them GERMINATE. Let them GROW and FLOURISH. When we meditate for ONE MINUTE, let us feel/express the DEEPEST OF APPRECIATION FOR WHAT HAS BEEN MADE POSSIBLE.  CLICK! to read more! An email exchange with Yuel Bhatti (Pakistan)

Build this website for your local group and lets make Local ABC4All Network the biggest global movement in history.

Please add me as a friend and contact me with any questions but also ideas and leads.  We have several volunteers eager to provide us technical assistance in this endeavor.

See how to link to your local ABC4All
Facebook page.

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